"Papillon" Fire Orchid Pendant

"Papillon" Fire Orchid Pendant


"Papillon" - This unique Fire Orchid evolved to take on characteristics of its surrounding environment, and like some other Fire Orchids, has petals that resemble the wings of a butterfly. Streaks of beautiful electric blue over wispy silver and amber petals bloom out over a center composed of finely imploded dots of white borosilicate glass veiled in 24k gold. 

Size: Medium (See Sizing Chart) 1.2" (31mm) across and approximately .45" (12mm) thick. Includes complete faux-leather necklace cord with purchase.

Created by NANDA using borosilicate glass and precious metals, the exotic Fire Orchid is born in the flames. Crafted in its molten state at temperatures of nearly 5000º Fahrenheit, it lives a thriving existence in its finished glass form. It is the only of its kind known to exist – truly an original creation.


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